Hi Tech Theater Equipment was formed by Larry Polla 1985. The company Changed its name to MegaSystems in 1997 after the design and development of the dual intermittent 70mm projection system. The projector was developed to fill the needs of smaller markets that wanted to show films from the large format film library but could not justify the cost of a 15/70 projection system. There has been a recent decline in film based projectors due to the innovations and development of new digital image technologies. These innovations have reduced the demand for all of the current state of the art film based equipment.

MegaSystems equipment was engineered and built for years of trouble free operation and has a proven track record to back up these claims. The projection and sound systems are still being repaired and maintained by Pollavision. Please do not hesitate to contact us for product support on this product.

  • We provide:
  • On site repairs
  • Part for all systems
  • Technical training for staff and technicians
  • Phone support
  • Equipment updates and conversions
  • 3D and Digital upgrades
  • System calibration